HomePlug Powerline Alliance's GP spec gets support from major German automakers

HomePlug Powerline Alliance's Green PHY specification has taken a major step forward as five of Germany's car manufacturers--Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen--have pledged support for HomePlug powerline technology.

Working in unison under the Coordination Office Charging Interface, these five car manufacturers decided to come together in a united front to support powerline technology as the as the standard electric charging mechanism of choice for their electric vehicle initiatives.

In addition, HomePlug has asked these manufacturers to help them develop the HomePlug Green PHY certification program, which will certify compliance and interoperability for IEEE 1901 powerline networking products.

Given the near-ubiquitous presence of power outlets at homes and businesses, Dr. Heiko Doerr, Manager of Coordination Office Charging Interface, said that electric vehicles will need to have a standard interface to work with existing electric outlets.  

"For electric vehicles to be widely accepted, they must integrate into existing and emerging charging infrastructures, connected to the smart grid," he said. "For charging electric vehicles, the communication interface is established via the charging connector, and the HomePlug Green PHY provides a common communications standard to support all modes of AC and DC charging."

Utlimately, power utilities and car manufacturers want to leverage HomePlug GP to enable consumers and businesses b monitor and reduce their energy consumption.

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