HomePNA adds Bell Canada to member roster

With the addition of Bell Canada, HomePNA now claims 14 service providers as members of its home networking alliance. Bell Canada joins other large service providers such as AT&T and Telus who have standardized on HomePNA as their home networking wiring technology of choice.

HomePNA's president attributes the rise in service provider membership to the HomePNA Summit it conducted last October.

The addition of another major telco is a big win for HomePNA as its fellow home networking wiring compatriots HomePlug Alliance and MoCA continue to jockey for position. At this week's CES show, MoCA and HomePlug announced an agreement to work with one another, while the IEEE released the P1901 Draft Standard for powerline communications.

One issue where HomePNA does differ over HomePlug and MoCA is their support for the all-wire G.hn standard. What will be interesting to see is how the ongoing religious war will play out between the distinct camps as they move forward with their respective standard initiatives. At this point only two service providers--AT&T and BT--have shown support for G.hn.

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