Hurricane Electric extends IPv6 network presence through Telx

Hurricane Electric, an Internet backbone and IPv6 service provider, decided the best path to satisfy the ongoing growth of IPv6 services in the Phoenix, Ariz. market would be through a partnership with colocation provider Telx.

By establishing a connection at Telx's Phoenix facility, Hurricane Electric said it will be able to improve fault tolerance, load balancing and congestion management infrastructure capabilities for the delivery of next-generation IP access services. Another side benefit of connecting into Telx's facility is that could bring Hurricane Electric more business as Telx's Global Marketplace of customers will be able to peer with Hurricane Electric's Internet backbone.

Telx is just one of many colocation providers Hurricane Electric has in its expansion arsenal. In addition to its own colocation facilities, Hurricane Electric has agreements with other colocation providers, including Equinix, Level 3, and the Phoenix NAP.

IPv6 transition has become top of mind for service providers and businesses. If the Number Resource Organization (NRO) prediction that IPv4 addressing will run out in a year and a half holds true, Hurricane Electric's growing global IPv6 network presence (which currently has over 830 associated IPv6 backbones) should resonate well with other service providers that need to expand their own respective IPv6 network connections.      

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