Hurricane Electric makes IPv4 address shortage public service announcement

Hurricane Electric wants to let any business owner or service provider know that as IPv4 addresses reach the exhaustion point--a figure experts say could happen in about a year--they're happy to help make the transition to IPv6.

And the timing for such IPv6 transition services couldn't be better. According to the latest statistics on Hurricane Electric's Exhaustion counter, an iPhone/Android-based application and web widget called "ByeBye v4" that tracks IPv4 address depletion, there's less than 365 days to go until there will be no more IPv4 addresses left.

Fear not, IPv4 users. Enterprises and service providers can turn to Hurricane Electric for assistance, which will hold a series of IPv6 seminars this fall and winter and enhancing its free IPv6 certification that currently has certified over 15,000 IPv6 users.  

"CIOs and network administrators who postpone the transition to IPv6 do so at their own peril," said Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric's Director of IPv6 Strategy in a release. "Our hope is that the one-year mark will give renewed attention to this serious issue facing the networking community."

Making the move to IPv6 won't be a flash cut, but rather a transition. Although Hurricane Electric has deployed IPv6 on its global backbone in 2001, the service provider's customers will be able to deploy IPv4 and IPv6 in a dual-stack fashion.

Of course, Hurricane Electric is not the only game in the IPv6 town. Large U.S. incumbent service providers, namely Qwest (NYSE: Q) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ), have recently announced their own IPv6 transition strategies for government, business and even consumers. Qwest recently added dual stack IPv6/IPv4 capabilities to its iQ networking suite, while Verizon conducted IPv6 trials for FiOS users in its Reston, Va. market earlier this year.

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