Hype machine rolling at 100 Gbps

If 100 Gbps transport networks seemed far-fetched a year ago at NXTcomm 2007, 100G has come a long way since then. Going into NXTcomm 2008, solutions for deploying 100G systems are receiving heavy promotion from the likes of Adva Optical, NEC, Infinera, OpVista, Nortel Networks and several other vendors. We have the industry's seemingly passing fascination with 40G networks to thank for it. As was reported earlier this year, some carriers have seen 40G systems as still too expensive for the bandwidth pop, and also as not offering the most logical transition from 10G to 100G.

But, 100G standards are still in the works, and while companies like Verizon Communications have outlined aggressive strategies to deploy 100G, other carriers may see it as a 2010 proposition. What would you do with 100G capacity? After NXTcomm, you might have a few more ideas.