ICANN attracts organizations for new net domain program

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the administrator of Internet domains, reported that 100 website holders have registered for a new program to expand net domains.

The group's program is set on enabling the Internet to include addresses that could end in, for example, .canon and .hotel.

Other than revealing the number of registrants joining the program, ICANN would not say who the applicants are or what generic top-level domains (GTLDs) they want to create. Interested organizations must register by March 29 and apply for a GTLD by April 12. Registrants can apply for 50 GTLDs.

Despite seeing interest, ICANN's proposed program has been met with opposition from congressional leaders and advertising over security and trademark concerns, since these organizations would operate a registry like Verisign operates the .com registry.

Of course, the process to become a GTLD isn't exactly easy. Any organization that wants to participate in the program will have to endure a long review process and pony up $185,000 to be a GTLD operator, as well as pay an annual $25,000 fee to operate the registry.

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