Ikanos pushes 300 Mbps through single pair cable in 'significant step towards'

Ikanos has reportedly pushed 300 Mbps of aggregate throughput over a standard single pair copper cable over 200 meters using an existing Velocity-3 central office chipset.

The chipmaker said that the demonstration is a "significant step towards," the emerging industry standard designed to wring a gigabit of bandwidth from existing copper facilities using DSL technology.

"Ikanos has a history of challenging the industry by pushing the performance envelope and continuing to raise the bar on our competition," Kourosh Amiri, the company's marketing vice president said in an Ikanos press release. "With Velocity-3, in a matter of a few months, we have received widespread recognition of our industry leadership in performance and scalability for high-port-count deployments of 192 lines at distances reaching 500 meters and beyond."

The company said that the chipset is an integral part of the company's fiber to the distribution point (FTTdp) architecture that uses existing copper to deliver high bandwidth to residential and commercial customers at distances ranging from 100 to 200 meters and in compliance with the movement.

"While the promise of gigabit performance is still on the horizon, our ability to demonstrate hundreds of megabits for lower-port-count short-loop configurations using our currently shipping CPE and CO silicon establishes Ikanos as the leader in the' era as we enable telcos to remain competitive against mounting pressure from MSOs and continue to enhance the consumer DSL experience," Amiri continued.

Even as Ikanos offered up hope for triple digit bandwidth, ITU put the initiative on a fast track that could result in workable standards by 2014.

A recent ITU-T Study Group 15 meeting in Geneva resulted in first stage approval of the ITU-T G.9700 standard that specifies ways to obviate interference between equipment and broadcast services such as FM radio and put the standards body on the fast track for a standard approval by early 2014.

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