Improving the customer experience: a new eBook from FierceTelecom

Samantha Bookman, FierceTelecom

What are carriers doing to manage the customer experience? The increase in available technology to track and analyze the way customers are using telecom services, as well as how they are interacting with a provider, has upped the game for this industry segment. And with the rise in real-time services, the complexity of customer experience management is greater than ever.

Customers aren't just sounding off to call center operators about their experience with a service provider. They're tweeting about it. They're writing about it on Facebook, or on another social media platform. And they're also getting their information across a wider variety of platforms--whether that data comes directly from the service provider or through an online media source. The way information flows back and forth between the customer and the service provider has changed dramatically.

How can a service provider harness this complexity to learn about and respond to customers' needs? In FierceTelecom's new eBook, Customer Experience Management, we look at many of the issues surrounding telecom CEM. How can service providers use the data they're getting to enhance a customer's experience, increase retention and reduce churn? What is the TM Forum's position on concepts like customer quality management and customer service? And what are service providers doing today to improve the customer experience?

Customer Experience Management features case studies and articles by industry experts including Martin Creaner, President and CEO of the TM Forum and Shira Levine, Directing Analyst of Next-Gen OSS and Policy at Infonetics Research, who tackle these questions and more. I encourage you to download this free eBook today.--Sam