IMS doubt in fashion, but concept keeps rolling

IP Multimedia Subsystem adoption was again a subject of debate at NXTcomm this year, and while carriers and vendors on panels and elsewhere had kind and thoughtful words about IMS, suggesting that the industry has become more realistic about the IMS transition, some industry folk were more critical away from the microphone. At least, one carrier executive and one vendor executive told me they were "tired" of hearing about IMS, that IMS was not necessary for service convergence plays, and that there were too many other pressing market issues for carriers to adopt grand IMS deployment plans.

Another vendor spokesman said he feared carrier customers would stall IMS pilot projects and tests to deal with broadband and IPTV competition and regulatory issues, and that amid confusion about the need for IMS, some carriers would fear they are being sold "an agenda, rather than a network solution." Yet, the IMS train keeps rolling, with hundreds of projects around the world in process, and it was clear from the discussions I had with several people who didn't want their names connected with IMS criticism that the industry is at least gradually benefitting from the intentions and implications of the standard.

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