IMS product consolidation is elemental

One of the top ongoing complaints about IP Multimedia Subsystem architectures is they are a tad unwieldy. Too many new network elements and too many boxes to think about can cause investment paralysis at a time when both carriers and vendors would like to be moving forward.

That makes consolidation of IMS network elements sound like a pretty good idea, and as technologies and products continue to evolve, and partnership bonds grow stronger, some vendors are beginning to reach that conclusion. NexTone Communications and Reef Point Systems, two smallish vendors who somehow survived earlier market wrath and vendor consolidation, are a case in point. The companies announced their merger this week into NextPoint Networks, but much earlier saw that NexTone's session border controller and Reef Point's security border gateway could be merged into a single, effective platform that would give carriers fewer IMS puzzle pieces to put together.

For further insight on the result of this product combo, click here to read our story from an interview with NextPoint CEO Woody Ritchey.

- Dan

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