IMS report card out

The NGN IMS Forum has issued its second IMS Report Card, a summary of the readiness of IMS and NGN services based on the results observed at the five IMS Forum Plugfests.

Mashups get special mention in the most recent Report Card. While mashups do allow faster new service implementation, they are still "siloed" unless they are future-proofed by being designed to be "IMS ready." IMS also still needs work in IMS-based service uptime, with reliability, security, billing and roaming the key areas that need polishing.

The good news for IMS fans (and the vendors pushing it) is that IMS is a "demonstrably real" technology with real vendors delivering real products and services today. Meanwhile, operators are making "steady progress" toward simplifying network architecture to all IP routers and softswitches, and work continues to port additional standards and protocols, such as IPTV.

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- IMS is not a child to be left behind says the NGN IMS Forum. Release.

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