Indoor ONTs take hold

Tellabs said it will offer optical network terminals that can be deployed inside the home, which will greatly reduce deployment costs for the equipment vendor. Tellabs isn't the first vendor to offer an ONT for use inside the home. Amedia Networks and others have innovated on that front, though Tellabs CEO Krish Prahbu has said in the past that the company was closely monitoring the carrier demand for such a unit, the ease with which it could be set-up by a residential consumer, and the potential manufacturing costs.

Now that indoor ONTs are becoming a reality, this evolution will put more pressure on telcos to use remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities to make sure customers using ONTs aren't left out in the cold if something goes wrong. The last thing customers want is difficult set-up and management, and the last thing telcos want is more costly truck rolls out to a consumer's home to help.

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