Infinera and Corning turn up 800G across 800 kilometers

The 800G transport wars appear to be heating up. On the heels of Ciena, Juniper Networks and Verizon announcing last week that they pushed 800 Gbps of data across a single fiber wavelength, Infinera and Corning announced this week that they delivered 800G on a single wavelength as well.

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Using 800 kilometers of Corning's fiber, the trial demonstrated the benefits of a coherent 800G solution to meet the growing bandwidth demand by service providers from metro to subsea network applications and services. 

The 800G trial was based on Infinera's Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) technology across Corning's TXF fiber. Corning's TXF fiber is ultra-low-loss, silica-core fiber that's ITU-T G.654.E compliant,

The trial used the ICE6 technology in Infinera's Groove (GX) Series platform transmitting 800G using 64QAM with probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS.)

Infinera said the demonstration highlighted the advanced features of its vertically integrated ICE6 technology, including Nyquist subcarriers, per-subcarrier long-codeword PCS, and per-subcarrier dynamic bandwidth allocation.

“This demonstration proves that 800G transmission using Infinera’s industry-leading technology enables a wide variety of network applications and is further enhanced by Corning’s innovative TXF fiber,” said Infinera CTO Parthi Kandappan, in a statement. “This achievement is made possible by Infinera’s high degree of vertical integration including our in-house digital signal processor design, photonic integrated circuit design and manufacturing, and holistic in-house packaging.”

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