Infoblox on IPv6: Asia-Pac shows strongest IPv6 growth, LACNIC needs to transition by 2014

Technicians, analysts, and other Internet specialists got the opportunity to have their questions about transitioning to IPv6 answered by the team at Infoblox's IPv6 Center of Excellence, which hosted an hour-long Twitter chat on Thursday.

Ranging from technical questions about testing systems during the migration process to Infoblox's participation in World IPv6 Launch on June 6, participants got answers from Cricket Liu, general manager of the IPv6 Center of Excellence, as well as Paul Ebersmann and Tom Coffeen, two well known IPv6 evangelists.

During the chat, Cricket noted that IPv6 adoption is growing fastest in the Asia-Pacific region. "Asia has had the most noticeable rollout of IPv6," he wrote in response to a question about the speed of adoption globally. He added, "GoDaddy upped ipv6 nameservers adding AAAA," a nod to Infoblox's November revelation that Internet domain name registries had driven a 1900 percent increase in IPv6-supported DNS zones.

In response to a question about why uptake rates in certain regions, such as Latin America, are so slow, Liu replied, "I'd say it's partly because Latin America (LACNIC) has a good supply of IPv4." However, that supply of addresses won't be available even in Latin America for much longer. "Geoff Huston's (CTO of APNIC) latest projections have LACNIC running out in 1/2014," Liu wrote.

The IPv6 Center of Excellence crew posted links to related charts and statistics during the chat, providing a wider view of global adoption of the addressing standard.

Details of the chat can be found on Twitter under the hashtag #IPv6Questions.

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