Integra Telecom introduces SIP offering

Integra Telecom's SMB customers will soon be able to take advantage of the advertised cost savings of SIP with the competitive service provider's new SIP Solutions service.

Offered as an integrated access solution in most of its service areas, Integra's SIP Solutions allows multi-site business customers to combine multiple voice and data services on one connection.

"SIP Solutions is designed to meet the needs of businesses that are looking to support voice and data applications at single or multiple locations," said Dudley Slater, CEO for Integra Telecom in a release.

Given the diversity of business clients Integra serves, the SIP Solutions service allows customers to dynamically scale their bandwidth up to 30 Mbps and integrate the service with its VPN Solutions (MPLS) offerings. As expected with any SIP-based service, Integra gives priority to voice services and includes SIP Trunking to a certified IP-PBX with multiple compression options, or traditional line, trunk or ISDN PRI handoffs to any PBX.

Although the CLEC does leverage other service provider's networks to expand its footprint, the new service leverages Integra's own fiber-based voice and data network. This allows Integra to control the QoS for the SIP Solutions service.

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