Intellifiber establishes low-latency NY to Chicago network route

With the launch of its low latency network system between New York City and Chicago--arguably two of America's largest financial hubs--Intellifiber is yet another provider responding to the financial industry's need for dedicated routing capabilities. Offering Gigabit Ethernet, 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps wavelength and Ethernet services, Intellifiber said that a number of financial houses and wholesale service provider customers have signed up for the new service.

To reduce network latency, Intellifiber not only has incorporated dispersion compensation technology, but routes traffic around known congested interconnection points including Euclid Ave in Cleveland. It also enhances network resiliency by providing routing options around 401 Z. Broad Street in Philadelphia. Customers can also purchase a diverse non-express path option between New York City and Chicago.  
Powering the new low-latency service will be Ciena's CN 4200 RS platform. Ciena claims that the platform, which includes ROADM functionality to handle dynamic wavelength routing and bandwidth provisioning, has an optimized design that can reduce optical connection delays by up to 20 percent for latency-sensitive applications including algorithmic trading.  
The competitive opportunity to provide low latency services for the financial industry is heating up. Intellifiber is not alone in tapping into the financial community's need for low-latency connections. Other service providers including Level 3, RCN and Cablevision subsidiary have launched similar services.

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- see the Intellifiber release here 
- here's the Ciena release 
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