Intellifiber expands its Ethernet over Copper reach

Wanting to fill in the famous fiber availability gap that every carrier has to deal with in expanding their Ethernet footprint, Intellifiber, a subsidiary of Cavalier Telephone, is now offering Ethernet over Copper service over its entire network. Since launching last year, Intellifiber has built a sizeable network footprint with over 400 COs connected to its fiber network. This network enables Intellifiber to provide EoC coverage from Norfolk, Va. to Philadelphia, Pa. to Cleveland, Oh.

Leveraging Hatteras' EoC equipment, Intellifiber is delivering mid band Ethernet services to customers that can be doled out in more incremental bites versus making a customer switch from a T1 to a DS3. Intellifiber's move follows other efforts by larger competitive players such as XO that has expanded its own Ethernet network reach through EoC.

Ethernet over Copper service will likely resonate with enterprise customers that have multiple diverse locations. Through Network to Network Interface connection agreements, Intellifiber can then extend Ethernet service to any customer whether they are in their region or out of the region over various access media (EoC, SONET or fiber). Of course, since Intellifiber has to establish Network to Network Interconnection agreements with other carriers at locations where it might not currently have installed facilities, they'll have to ensure the quality of not only their connection but also that of their partner's.

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