Intellifiber extends Ethernet reach through CENX

With over a 100,000 buildings currently connected to its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) network, Intellifiber is clearly not lacking in network connectivity, but its entry into CENX's Ethernet exchange reflects the service provider's need to quickly expand its network presence to not only serve its wholesale, but even enterprise customers.

Out of CENX's New York facility, Intellifiber will not only make its Ethernet services, including EoC connectivity, but also have access to CENX-connected service providers for its own expansion needs. With more than 300 Central Offices (CO) connected to its fiber network, Intellifiber provides EoC coverage in various markets that stretch from Norfolk to Philadelphia to Cleveland to Richmond.

While Intellifiber does have sizeable fiber-based Ethernet service assets, EoC has enabled it to leverage existing copper facilities to deliver mid band Ethernet access to enterprise customers that need a migration path from T1 or bonded T1, but don't have the need to jump to a costly DS-3 circuit. Instead, they could buy EoC at increments from 1 Mbps to 20 Mbps.  

Clint Heiden, President of Intellifiber, believes the value of Ethernet exchanges like CENX provide two advantages. Since the main focus of Intellifiber has been as a wholesaler, Ethernet exchanges enhances the service provider's ability to reach even more carriers that need to expand their respective Ethernet footprints.
"Because of the cost and effort related to that and the value picked up by those carriers that could access my 100,000 buildings that are effectively EoC on-net, we take that as a great win to open up our platform," Heiden said in an interview with FierceTelecom.  

And while Intellifiber's out of region Ethernet needs are still emerging, the Ethernet exchange will enable it to respond to enterprise expansion needs as they arise.

"Where my enterprise effort starts to drive me to have a larger out of region network capability because it's low cost it's a win-win for us," Heiden said. "My volume today is not large, but it's something we should be participating in. It's all about how do you future proof your network? The one thing you want to do is take advantage of things that can drive value into your network without causing undue harm. I think [Ethernet exchanges] allow us to do that."

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