IP Infusion tees up DANOS-Vyatta software for customer evaluations

IP Infusion is working with the Telecom Infra Project on deploying its DANOS-Vyatta software on cell site gateway. (Pixabay)

IP Infusion announced on Wednesday that its DANOS-Vyatta software, which is based on AT&T's Disaggregated Network Operating System (DANOS), was ready for customer evaluations.

IP Infusion also announced that DANOS-Vyatta software will support the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) initiative, a key effort of the community’s Open Optical & Packet Transport project group.

Service providers that are rolling out their 5G wireless infrastructures can now kick the tires on DANOS-Vyatta for their cell site gateway applications. DANOS-Vyatta is initially available for evaluation on Broadcom’s Qumran AX switching silicon and white box platforms.

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In support of the TIP DCSG initiative, IP Infusion is inviting other original design manufacturers (ODM) to support DANOS-Vyatta on their hardware platforms in order to expand the platform choices available to TIP members.

“IP Infusion has been working with TIP’s DCSG members since February, and with DANOS-Vyatta edition, we are committed to developing a NOS fully compliant with the DCSG specification,” said IP Infusion CEO Atsushi Ogata.

Last month, AT&T said it would put its DANOS network operating system into the Linux Foundation on November, 15 while also naming IP Infusion as the exclusive integrator and reseller of DANOS.

“Our Vyatta team built DANOS from the ground up to be the first NOS to address the unique, ever-changing needs of the carrier environment,” said AT&T's Chris Rice, senior vice president, network infrastructure and cloud, in a statement. “Mission accomplished: We’re now deploying DANOS-Vyatta edition in the 5G cell site routers across our network. We knew we needed a third-party integrator to help other service providers get the same benefits from DANOS-Vyatta edition and disaggregated networking, and IP Infusion is the right collaborator to make that happen.”

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The news that AT&T was putting DANOS, which it calls Vyatta, into open source, and that it has named IP Infusion to sell and support it, will be a game-changer for white box deployments. While there are other network operating systems in play today, the industry will benefit from access to DANOS due to AT&T's expertise and deployments.

AT&T has deployed the DANOS operating system software, which stems from its acquisition of Vyatta in 2017, to control and manage its white box hardware.

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AT&T has internet white boxes in production on commercial traffic in Toronto and London with a goal of having them in 76 countries by the end of the year. While AT&T hasn't said which vendors it's using for the internet white boxes, AT&T is running its Vyatta software stack on them.

These open, white box systems allow AT&T to run 10 times as much traffic as the proprietary routers it previously bought at the same price. AT&T is also using the Vyatta software in its cell site router gateways, which it's using to support the high bandwidth requirements needed for 5G cell site backhaul.

TIP, AT&T and IP Infusion are demonstrating DANOS-Vyatta at this week's TIP Summit in Amsterdam.

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