IT pros take IPv6 migration into their own hands

Despite ongoing warnings from Internet address overseers about imminent danger of running out of IPv4 address space, businesses have been slow on the draw to implement an IPv6 address migration plan. However, IPv6 vendor gogo6 reports on its social networking site gogoNET that some IT professionals are taking charge of their own home networks.

Overall, 44 percent of IT professionals are testing IPv6 migration, 30 percent are researching, 9 percent are trialing, 4 percent are deploying, 4 percent have networks in production and 9 percent chose "other."

But what was really revealing about the report is that 70 percent of professionals are migrating their home networks from IPv4 to IPv6 on their own. At the same time, only 8 percent of wireline broadband networks, 8 percent of research/education, 5 percent of enterprise, 3 percent of mobile networks and 5 percent in the "other" category have put IPv6 migration plans in place.  

"While alarming, the fact that we are predominantly in the research and testing phases of IPv6 migration is not surprising. What is surprising is that a vast majority of networking professionals are doing this testing on their own time, on their own home networks," said Bruce Sinclair, gogo6 CEO in a release. "In retrospect this fits the market dynamics we've observed. Networking professionals have been trying to convince their management to go v6 for years but the economics didn't justify it happening. It seems the people who will ultimately do this migration felt strong enough about it to move ahead even without the support of their employers. To me this sends a strong warning to organizations to start their migration today."

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