Juniper sprays Mist into analytics for enterprises

Juniper Networks blends analytics into its Mist platform to provide enterprises with actionable insights into their networks. (Pixabay)

Juniper Networks has added yet another wrinkle to its Mist platform with the addition of analytic capabilities for enterprises. Mist Premium Analytics collects data across heterogenous network, security and location domains and endpoints, and then coverts it into actionable insights for enterprise customers.

Enterprises can use that information as part of their digital transformations, which includes better capacity planning, optimal user experiences and improved outcomes for digital businesses.

“End-to-end network visibility into network, security and location behavior is traditionally both complex and costly because of disparate systems, organizational silos and the lack of an overarching intelligence engine to tie all the pieces together,” said Sudheer Matta, vice president of products at Juniper Mist, in a statement. “With Mist Premium Analytics, we solve this challenge by taking data from numerous systems and turning it into actionable insights for better IT and business decisions.”

With the new network analytics, Mist customers can improve their visibility into WAN performance in branch and retail offices as well as gain insights into Wireless LANS to predict trends and adapt to changes such as increased bandwidth demands. It's also able to correlate information from a Mist network with other data sources from third-party providers.

The Mist Premium Analytics service, which includes both network analytics and engagement analytics capabilities to boost insights for IT and business teams, can analyze up to one year of data while providing customizable queries and reporting. Mist Premium Analytics will be available on April. 1.

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At last month's RSA Conference, Juniper demonstrated its SecIntel for Mist, which it bought last year for $405 million, and encrypted traffic analysis on the ATP Cloud and the SRX firewalls. Both of those new features are part of the Juniper Connected Security platform. Those security features will be released this summer.