Klausner files suit against Cisco, Avaya over voicemail patent

Klausner Technologies announced it has filed a lawsuit against both Cisco and Avaya over voicemail patent infringement. This latest suit, filed in a Texas federal court by the Dovel & Luner law firm, is not the only lawsuit Klausner has filed for its voicemail patents. Last year, Klausner reached a settlement with Apple and AT&T on voicemail patent infringement. As part of that settlement both Apple and AT&T said they would take out licenses on Klausner's technology.

Apple, for example, uses the visual voicemail technology to enable users to instantly see a list of phone message and listen to them in whatever order they want. To date, Klausner reports that 24 companies, including Verizon Wireless and Citrix Systems, use the visual voicemail technology. At this point, neither Avaya nor Cisco is commenting on the pending lawsuit.

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