Level 3 gets NTIA funding to build middle mile network

Level 3 has officially joined the middle mile network winners' circle as the wholesale provider announced this week that it has secured $13.7 million in broadband stimulus funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA). On top of the grant money, Level 3 has committed $4.2 million of its own capital to expand its existing network to provide middle mile services to rural service providers.

To achieve its middle mile goals, Level 3 does not have to look too far for network infrastructure. Instead, the wholesale carrier will basically provide interconnection to the existing amplifier huts that reside in rural towns to amplify its long-haul optical signals. Without the stimulus funding it was difficult to cost justify extending these facilities out into these rural areas.  

But with the combination of the funding and its own money, Level 3 will create dozens of high speed middle mile connections in rural areas across six states: California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee and Texas.

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