Level 3, Google strike interconnection pact to improve CDN access

Level 3 Communications has established a new interconnection agreement with Google Cloud Platform, allowing customers to get access to content delivery network services through CDN Interconnect, part of the Google Cloud Interconnect product line.

By using the CDN Interconnect Cloud Platform, Google's customers can get access to Level 3's CDN to distribute cloud-based content as close as possible to end users. This approach allows them to gain three benefits: increased speed and quality of delivery, while improving the overall end-user experience.

Customer traffic from Google Cloud Platform to Level 3's CDN travels through high-speed links from Google's edge points of presence (PoPs) to Level 3's origin servers. From there, content is distributed to global edge caching locations, which Level 3 said will allow end users to access content from the nearest caching location, enhancing the experience of bandwidth-hungry services by reducing latency on video services, for example.

While this agreement is new, Level 3 and Google are hardly strangers. The Google Cloud Platform is already part of Level 3's global Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem, which provides connectivity from enterprise offices, data centers and other network resources directly to Google Cloud Platform in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Being a well-established CDN provider, it is important for Level 3 to further develop its relationship with Google and its Cloud Platform and others as it looks to be a bridge between content providers and their customers.

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