Level 3 intros new wavelength service offerings

Level 3 Communications today announced new optical wavelength services in response to what it describes as "growing customer demand" for optical networks in both the enterprise and carrier markets. The new offerings include both metro and intercity services and will be offered on the company's network across both North America and Europe.

New services include: protected wavelengths for automatic switching to a dedicated, diversely-routed wavelength in the event of a network failure; unprotected wavelength services in one Gigabit Ethernet interfaces - more affordable when full 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps links aren't warranted; and expanded service capacity with 40 Gbps waves.

Level 3 is also offering maximum latency guarantees on wavelength services for customers that have very tight tolerances on delay-sensitive applications. The guarantee is provided before the customer commits to an order so that the risk of turning up a circuit only to find that the latency is too high is minimized. Level 3 also maintains the latency guarantee throughout the term of the circuit.

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- Level 3 says it has new wavelength services. Release.

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