Level 3 to cut jobs as part of tw telecom integration process

Level 3 is going to lay off some employees as it continues to move forward with integrating tw telecom into its fold.

However, in a statement it issued on Wednesday the service provider did not reveal how many workers it will let go.

"As a company, Level 3 looks for opportunities to invest in areas where we can grow and drive greater business efficiencies to meet the evolving needs of our customers," the statement said. "Part of this is making sure we dedicate the right resources, in the right places, to execute against our business objectives. As part of our ongoing TW Telecom integration and long-term planning process, we continue to identify opportunities to better align our staff with our business priorities and invest in growth areas."

Ashley Pritchard, a Level 3 spokeswoman, would not make any further comment further to The Denver Post other than to say it would no longer provide employment numbers at its regional offices.

Prior to acquiring tw telecom last October for $5.7 billion, Level 3 had 10,200 employees, while tw telecom had nearly 3,400. After the acquisition was completed, Level 3 had a total of 13,600 employees.

While he did not address the current round of layoffs, Jeff Storey, CEO of Level 3, told investors during Goldman Sachs 24th Annual Communacopia Conference, the integration process is on track.

"We have been very pleased with the acquisition of tw telecom," Storey said. "We continually pay attention to other surprises that we didn't expect to find and we have been very fortunate to say we have had no big unexpected surprises, which are rarely positive."

Storey added that they are ahead of pace of its goal of meeting its synergies target and is moving its sales team to sell a set of products to sell to its growing enterprise customer base.

"As far as synergies go, I think we gave a target of $200 million and I think we're ahead of that pace and we're doing a good job in accomplishing those synergies," Storey said. "Things that I want to make sure that we're doing at the same time is making sure we're driving productivity in our sales force and giving them a product set we can sell, giving them the training to sell that product set, and a platform to sell that product set so we can go to our enterprise customers and drive the success that we have seen."

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