Lightyear completes integration of SouthEast Telephone customers

Lightyear Network Solutions, which has been scaling its business through acquisition and internal efforts, just wrapped up the integration of its SouthEast Telephone subsidiary, a regional service provider it purchased in 2010, into its fold.

During the integration process, Lightyear consolidated all of SouthEast's 30,000 business and residential customers into its Portal System.

Lightyear's Portal System, which includes its 60,000-customer base, can scale to over 1 million new customers when needed.

"Having all our customers on one centralized invoicing and client management platform offers a significant benefit to the company, including creating operational efficiencies, eliminating unnecessary system redundancies and maximizing headcount," said Lightyear's newly appointed CEO Stephen M. Lochmueller in a release. "We believe this integration will contribute to our strategy to increase organic growth and profitability."

Ever since going public last year, Lightyear has been setting its sights on becoming profitable through targeted M&A and shedding less profitable business units. Earlier this year, Lightyear's founder, passed the CEO torch to Stephen M. Lochmueller.

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