Linux Foundation merges Open Source ECOMP, OPEN-O, further harmonizes virtualization group efforts


Open source ECOMP and the Open Orchestrator Project (OPEN-O) have merged to create the new Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project, further harmonizing the ever-growing array of disparate virtualization groups. 

ONAP will allow end users to automate, design, orchestrate, and manage services and virtual functions.

AT&T, China Mobile and a number of the world’s largest carriers are driving the creation of ONAP with a diverse group of founding members.

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Founding Platinum members include Amdocs, AT&T, Bell Canada, China Mobile, China Telecom, Cisco, Ericsson, GigaSpaces, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Orange, Tech Mahindra, VMware and ZTE. Silver members of ONAP are ARM, BOCO Inter-Telecom, Canonical, China Unicom, Cloudbase Solutions, Metaswitch and Raisecom.

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By aligning the two projects, the groups will create a harmonized framework for real-time, policy-driven software automation of virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly create new services.

Further, the consolidation of member resources will allow ONAP to more rapidly deliver a unified architecture and implementation, with an open standards upstream focus, faster than any one project could on its own.

As part of the merger, the Linux Foundation will establish a governance and membership structure for ONAP to nurture a vibrant technical community. A Governing Board will guide business decisions, marketing and ensure alignment between the technical communities and members. The technical steering committee will provide leadership on the code merge and guide the technical direction of ONAP.

Chris Rice, SVP of domain 2.0 architecture and design at AT&T, said in a release that mergers of industry groups like open source ECOMP and Open Orchestrator Project (OPEN-O) are inevitable.

“We expect more consolidation in this space, and we expect many more service providers and other technology leaders to join us in this important work, which benefits the entire industry,” Rice said.

Acceptance of ECOMP is growing. A number of Tier 1 global providers, including Orange and Bell Canada, have begun testing AT&T’s ECOMP platform.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation, agreed with Rice’s assessment, adding that the merger will help accelerate the delivery of virtual capabilities for service providers.  

“We’re excited to see the industry coalesce around ONAP with this unprecedented merger,” Zemlin said. “Such a broad effort and investment will expedite our vision to deliver an open platform for network automation.”

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