Look, we're growing again

Sean BuckleyYou're going to see a new face appear at the FierceTelecom site beginning this week as Samantha Bookman joins the FierceTelecom wireline team as our Managing Editor.

In her new role, Sam will help the motley crew of FierceTelecom wireline editors--a group that includes not only myself (FierceTelecom), but also Jim Barthold (FierceCable), Mike Dolan (FierceVoIP), and Jim O'Neill (FierceIPTV and FierceOnlineVideo)--keep the trains running on time.

Sam will also contribute some of her own content each week in the form of the occasional article, feature and even an Editor's Corner.

And while Sam may be a new face here at FierceTelecom, I have actually known her for a number of years.

Prior to joining Fierce Telecom this week, Sam and I worked together at Horizon House Publications where she edited the Telecom Engine website and its five related weekly newsletters. In addition to Telecom Engine, Sam coordinated the web publishing efforts of Microwave Journal, a 50-year plus journal that chronicles trends in the RF component industry.

Along with her writing and editing skills, Sam also brings strong knowledge of web analytics and design--two skills that will be essential for ensuring the future success of FierceTelecom.

Feel free to join me in welcoming Sam to the FierceTelecom team by dropping her a line at [email protected] --Sean