Meet the CTOs in wireline

Today we’re publishing our third and final entry in our “Meet the CTOs” series. On Monday in FierceWireless we looked at the CTOs in the wireless industry, those charged with building out LTE and moving the industry toward 5G. And on Tuesday we published profiles of the top CTOs in the cable industry in FierceCable. We worked to shed some light on how these cable executives will navigate issues ranging from DOCSIS 3.1 to cloud services to OTT video streaming.

Today, in FierceTelecom, we’re looking at the CTOs who are in charge of the industry’s telco networks. AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink are the nation’s top telco operators with vast fiber networks, and the CTOs of these companies are dealing with issues including cloud services, fiber deployment and – perhaps most importantly – service virtualization through software-defined networking.

What’s particularly interesting is that the Verizon’s Roger Gurnani and AT&T’s Andre Fuetsch are not only overseeing their company’s wired network buildouts – they’re also in charge of the architecture behind their company’s wireless efforts. As the lines between the nation’s telecom networks become increasingly blurry, these are the executives who are best positioned to guide the convergence in the telecom market.

Check out the top CTOs in wireline below:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Let me know what you think of it. –Mike | @mikeddano