MegaPath adds Fortinet security to its SD-WAN portfolio

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The latest agreement emphasizes multivendor implementations.

MegaPath has integrated Fortinet cybersecurity technology into its SD-WAN portfolio, giving its customers another option to thwart a growing tide of cyberattacks on businesses.

The latest agreement emphasizes multivendor implementations. The service provider’s managed SD-WAN portfolio offers a series of customized solutions to meet specific network protection requirements, company policies and regulatory directives while reducing demands on IT staffs and simplifying licensing.

Besides its multivendor SD-WAN approach, MegaPath claims its ability to deliver carrier-agnostic, redundant, Layer 3 Internet connections nationwide, and its portfolio of reliable business VoIP and unified communications (MegaPath One), differentiates it from other SD-WAN players.

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MegaPath also offers full solution design engineering, dedicated project management and end-to-end service delivery backed by 100% 24x7 U.S.-based technical support.

The latest Advanced Security service is available with MegaPath’s SD-WAN Enterprise service, including MegaPath RED, the premium SD-WAN package introduced earlier this year for businesses that require 100% uptime with real financial guarantees. MegaPath also offers an SD-WAN Pro service, giving businesses access to other network and security capabilities at lower price points.

Offering Fortinet-based security builds upon the SD-WAN solution the provider originally launched in March 2016. MegaPath delivers centralized network management and monitoring, QoS-based priority routing, session-level application performance monitoring and standard network security protocols including IPsec VPN, load balancing and failover.

Later, MegaPath expanded the reach of its SD-WAN portfolio with packages for small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprise customers. MegaPath said its SD-WAN Pro package can eliminate the complexity and cost of supporting a private network.