Metered-usage billing draws Congressional bill

Metered-usage broadband trials and launch plans have drawn fire from consumer groups, regulators and in some cases competitors, and now Congressional legislation, promised a couple of months ago, has been introduced to deal with this trend. U.S. Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) announced the Broadband Internet Fairness Act, which would enable federal regulators to review service providers' metered-usage plans to make sure there are cost-based and not excessively priced. Service providers found to be violating the act would be forced to end or revise the offering, and possibly pay a fine.

Rep. Massa had threatened to pursue legislation after Time Warner Cable earlier this year wanted to expand its metered-usage broadband practices from Texas into other states, including New York. AT&T also has been in Massa's sights, according to Light Reading's Cable Digital News. Massa's legislation doesn't deal with bandwidth caps or speed tiers employed in the name of managing bandwidth consumption.

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