Mexico to hold new fiber infrastructure auctions

Felipe Calderon, Mexico's President, plans to hold a new auction for state-owned fiber lines in an effort to expand the availability of fiber-based broadband services throughout the country.

The new initiative follows a previous move to sell state-owned fiber network infrastructure to build networks in areas that currently don't have access to broadband services.

With its initial plan that was revealed in January, winning bidders would be able to leverage two fiber lines from state-owned utility Comision Federal de Electricidad. The government also planned to invite parties to bid on leases for fiber lines that run along the federal highway network.

"We're going to launch 1,000 new access points of CFE's fiber-optic network and I've instructed the CFE's director to increase the 20,000 km of fibre to 30,000 km," Calderon said.

In addition, the government plans to hold an auction that they hope will bring fiber-based connectivity to Mexico's southwest coast, to Ometepec, in the state of Guerrero. The government plans to leverage funds from its infrastructure fund to subsidize the network build out effort and the winning bidder will be the one that asks for the smallest subsidy.

Seeing fiber as a future-proof platform, Calderon said it will lay fiber along all of Mexico's new highways.    

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