Mushroom Networks names ISP customer

Broadband bonding has been a hot topic in the last year or so as vendors have looked to help Internet service providers deliver creative bandwidth solutions to their business customers. It has not yet been clear if ISPs were buying the pitch, or at least which ones among them were buying. Now, Mushroom Networks, which along with Sharedband has been making much of the noise about broadband bonding, has named its first customer,, a regional ISP in Missouri.

Telephony reports that Semo "is using Mushroom's customer premises gear to bond its existing 3-Mb/s cable, DSL and wireless services and thereby sell a combined 9-Mb/s downstream, 5-Mb/s upstream service to business customers." (Customers who are close enough to a telco central office to get 6 Mb/s DSL could get a bonded service closer to 12 Mb/s for the same price, Semo said.)

It's a move that helps be more bandwidth-competitive and price-competitive with AT&T. apparently looked into load balancing solutions, too, which an increasing number of carriers are investigating to manage bandwidth demand, but found Mushroom to be the best buy.

For more:
- Telephony has this story complete with the AT& price competition breakdown

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