MWC: Kontron makes ATCA, MicroTCA announcements

The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture has been in the news of late, with VDC Research Group last week predicting that 85 percent of Tier 1 network equipment vendors will implement ATCA by the end of next year. RadiSys, Enea and Emerson Network Power are among companies that recently made ATCA announcements, and this week, Kontron is keeping ATCA and MicroTCA topical with a pair of announcements from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The vendor announced a new MicroTCA platform, the Kontron OM6120, supporting quad-play applications and other high bandwidth applications. Kontron claims cost improvements in the platform via a streamlined design with power management and fan control on the backplane, and pluggable power supply units instead of MicroTCA Power Modules.

The second announcement out of Barcelona has Kontron previewing--under NDA--its AT8050 node blade based on Intel's Xeon processor. Kontron also recently teamed with blade storage vendor Astute Networks for a streaming video "read/write" benchmark demonstration intended to help network equipment vendors interested in content delivery solutions using ATCA.

For more:
- here's a VDC press release
- here's Kontron's MicroTCA press release
- here's Kontron's ATCA press release

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