NebuAd loses CEO Dykes

NebuAd's CEO Bob Dykes has left the company to become chief financial officer at VeriFone. Dykes was the company's primary defender as Congress took aim at carrier trials of its Web tracking technology in recent months. Dykes also was once CFO at Juniper Networks. COO Kira Makagon is slated to become NebuAd's new CEO, and the company is said to be trying out new business model ideas.

Yesterday, the USA Today carried an Associated Press story examining how the company's business opportunity has all but dissolved. Was the timing all wrong for a system that tracked Web surfer habits, or was this technology just a natural evolution of where advertising has been had headed for a long time? To me, it still seems like the biggest thing wrong with NebuAd is not the company or the technology itself, but how unclear and secretive service providers have been about their use of the technology.

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