Nokia taps into automation trend with data refinery software

Nokia sign MWCA
Nokia releases its new Data Refinery data processing software platform. (Image: Nokia)

Nokia is eyeing the emerging automation trend with its new line of Data Refinery data processing software that it says will allow service providers to accelerate service activation.

Leveraging the Data Refinery assets Nokia gained from acquiring Comptel, the new software provides fast data processing to power complex event processing, mediation convergence and consolidation solutions.

The software captures and processes siloed data of any type and from any source, including data from customers, applications, connected devices, networks, locations and services. It then refines and enriches that data with important contextual information and delivers it in real-time and in the right format to any business application, enabling service providers to deliver new personalized digital experiences.

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Offered as an ETSI NFV Virtual Network Function (VNF), the software can be deployed with Nokia CloudBand, giving service providers two flexible deployment options: in the cloud or as an on-premise solution.

"Only data-driven service providers can truly become customer-centric,” said Niilo Fredrikson, head of digital intelligence in Nokia's applications and analytics business group. “Efficient and scalable data processing should form the backbone of all service provider operations—it's what will allow them to run their business in 'digital time' to meet customers' changing needs.”

This latest release adds support for automated deployment in the cloud, and provides elastic scalability that allows service providers to increase data processing performance on demand while utilizing resources only when needed. It also features distributable data processing that automatically takes advantage of multiple computing devices for access to higher levels of processing capacity.

By supporting modern open source technologies, Nokia Data Refinery increases real-time streaming data processing capabilities while simplifying integration with business applications consuming refined streaming data.

The new Nokia Data Refinery software release is expected to be available by the end of this year.