NSN cooling on PBT after BT wavers

While Nortel Networks is defending provider backbone transport technology in the face of primary customer BT pushing PBT onto the back burner, Nokia Siemens Networks, BT's other PBT supplier of record, seems to be walking away from it. At least, that is the indication from comments NSN executives uttered when meeting with analysts this week. NSN CEO Simon Beresford Wylie, in giving analysts an update on the first 14 months following the Nokia-Siemens merger, said the company must be cold and calculating about the technologies in which it chooses to invest its R&D dollars, sticking with innovations that have really profit potential. Meanwhile, NSN CTO Stefan Scholz said the vendor is now working with multi-protocol label switching, the technology for which PBT was intended as an alternative. Do the math on that one, and it appears Nortel could be PBT's primary proponent going forward--not that Nortel is uncomfortable with that position.

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