NTT launches dual stack IPv6-based VPN service

Since IPv4 addresses may be exhausted by the middle of next year, NTT is offering Asian-based business customers a strategy to get to IPv6 with a new IP VPN-based service that will simultaneously support the IPv4 protocol and IPv6.

Initially available in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, NTT's MPLS-based service will provide dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 connectivity for its Arcstar Global IP-VPN via synchronous transfer mode (STM), Ethernet or cross-connect access lines. What will likely resonate with businesses about the service is that it is set on minimizing disruptions by allowing businesses to keep their existing IPv4 architecture with a low-cost transition to IPv6. The dual stack service will also incorporate other IP-VPN services such as QoS, load sharing, and traffic reporting.

NTT is not a newcomer to the IPv6 game. In addition to launching the dual-stack Arcstar IP-VPN v6 service last March, NTT has been running a global IPv6 backbone for nine years.

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