Nxtcomm 2008: Let the gambling begin

Even if NXTcomm 2008 was not going to be held in Las Vegas next week, June 16-19, it would still shape up as something of a gambler's paradise (Or should I say "pair-a-dice"? Probably not, but too late now). That is because a number of the technologies that look to be playing a central role as hot topics of the event are not complete odds-on favorites to succeed. Of course, that means that if they do succeed, the pay-off will be bigger for those companies who were willing to make the bet.

Those technologies and technology segments include provider backbone transport technology, 100 Gbps transport solutions, IPTV, green technology and broadband traffic management. Each of these segments already has found strong support within the telecom industry, but each also is dogged by lingering questions. That makes NXTcomm the perfect place and time to debate their future. For more about each of these areas and what to watch for at the show, see below.

Beyond these five notable areas, there will be some other key themes to explore at the show. Here is a list of top 10 questions you just might overhear--or maybe even ask yourself--while at the show in Las Vegas next week:

  • What role should telcos play relative to the content industry?
  • How and when will Net neutrality affect my business?
  • Can the traditional landline market be saved?
  • Where does the IP transition really stand?
  • What innovations are guiding the next generation of subscriber management?
  • Will a McCain presidency or an Obama presidency be better for telecom?
  • How much worse will the economy get, and how badly will it hurt telecom companies?
  • What does it mean to roll the "hard eight"?
  • Where's Celine Dion?
  • Was that the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince?

Ok, so maybe no one will really want to know where Celine Dion is, but you can take the rest of those to the bank.

But, seriously... I can't remember the last time so many new telecom technologies and so many technology-related issues were at such a pivotal point heading into NXTcomm/Globalcomm-TelecomNext/Supercomm. You may not come away with answers to everything, but I think you will come away rich with new information and perspectives, even if you are a bit less well-off financially. -Dan