NY PSC modifies Verizon grounding edict

Revisiting an ongoing story, the New York Public Service Commission finally has accepted a modified version of a proposal from Verizon Communications for addressing electrical grounding problems found in some FiOS installations throughout the state. The PSC actually rejected the recommendation from its own staff that Verizon not be allowed to pursue new FiOS installations in New York City until all of the problems were addressed. It's good news for the service provider as it tries to move aggressively into a new market.

Still, the PC took a tougher stance on other aspects of the Verizon proposal, saying the telco must fix grounding problems within 10 days of being identified, rather than the 60 day period Verizon proposed. The agency also said that 45 percent of known grounding problems must be fixed by the end of this year, and that all known problems must be repaired by May 31, 2009.

The issue is not over yet, as some observers are likely to argue that new installations should be halted. Also, the PSC and Verizon remain at odds about whether or not some gear involved in the installations should be grounded, and to what extent.

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