OIF creates modulation-agnostic 100 Gbps framework

While service providers and vendors alike are moving the 100 Gbps ball forward with a number of trial and regional deployments, the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) believes it can help make the process even easier with the release of its 100G Integrated Polarization Intradyne Coherent Receiver.

Specifying key aspects of integrated receivers for DWDM applications, including 100 Gbps transport, the IA supports DP-QPSK modulation as specified in the OIF's 100G Framework Document in addition to specifying operating rates up to 32 GBd.

"There's such significant development costs to develop these modules if some vendors went off develop one specific set of specifications and others did another thing, it wouldn't make economical sense to play in that kind of market," explained Jeff Hutchins, Director of Business Development for CoreOptics and OIF Board member. "The OIF brought together carrier input, module input, system provider input and component company input to put together these specifications for these integrated receivers. It's something that meets the needs across the food chain and then by integrating these things together we can reduce the cost and size of the component."

Since service providers and vendors could adopt other emerging advanced modulation techniques such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), the OIF has developed the IA to be modulation- and data rate-agnostic. This means that these components either as-is or with slight modifications could be reused.

Hutchins, while encouraged by the early adoption and trial deployments of 100 Gbps by large carriers such as Verizon and AT&T, said that the new IA could simplify future network deployments and manufacturing of network systems. "The trials that are being done today with this receiver functionality with discrete components," he said. "What's neat about the new IA is that it integrates a bunch of these things together and there's a lot less effort required to put these things together."

In addition, the OIF completed its Forward Error Correction whitepaper outlines the OIF's work on using FEC with 100G DP-QPSK transmission in long haul DWDM communications. Complementing the work being done by IEEE on 100G Ethernet and ITU-T's OTU4 of the Optical Transport Hierarchy (OTH), the paper looks at propagation challenges and suggests an upper bound for spectral coding overhead for the OIF's integrated photonics projects.

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