Newark Fiber, which is building a fiber network for the city via a public-private partnership, will promise to adhere to the FCC's now-shelved net…

Natural G.C., Pulse Supply and TelcoBrides issued a press release this week detailing their work to help restore service "for thousands of Puerto Ricans.…

According to a new report, the United States is home to fully 44% of the world’s major cloud and internet data center sites.

Barclays found that Zayo could potentially hit an organic growth rate of up to 8%.

MEF has introduced its MEF 3.0 Transformational Global Services Framework during its annual trade show, MEF17.

Few stories in tech have been more breathlessly hyped on the way up and gleefully eulogized on the way down than Google Fiber.

A collection of testing groups and trade associations announced a second XGS-PON “Interoperability Plugfest.”

OPNFV has released OPNFV Euphrates, which enables providers to accelerate network transformation via open-source NFV.