Telefónica International Wholesale Services is moving its voice traffic to its new IP international network by the end of the month.

Cisco announced the debut of its cloud-native broadband router, which is a containerized, software reboot of traditional CCAP hardware.

Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone took Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) on a test run during an international roaming trial in Europe.

In this Q&A, GTT Chief Marketing Officer Gina Nomellini provides some insight on her company's $2.3 billion acquisition of Interoute Communications.

The LF Networking Fund (LFN), which facilitates open source projects, announced Wednesday that Sprint has joined as a "silver" member.

In the traditional telco world, a customer was often the alarm when something failed, but with today's complex networks, telcos need to be proactive.

While some service providers are taking an Apple-like approach to virtualized networks and services, Verizon is firmly ensconced in the Android camp.

ETSI released the latest version of its Open Source MANO (OSM) code this week, which featured several enhancements and improvements.

While SDN is no spring chicken, enterprises are starting to see its value, according to a survey commissioned by Verizon.