Masergy is gearing up its product portfolio, employee hires and sales channels as it targets $1 billion in revenue.

BT announced Thursday that it's the first international telecommunications company to garner nationwide licenses in China.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, the number of enterprises that are using AI grew 270% over the past four years and tripled in the last year.

Colt Technology Services extended the reach of its Colt IQ network into Australia as part of its APAC expansion.

A recent survey found that 60% of IT professionals had container security incidents over the past year while 47% used suspect containers.

Vodafone and IBM have forged a partnership to offer business services and applications that leverage the cloud, IoT, AI and 5G connectivity.

IBM announced it has signed a $325 million agreement with Juniper Networks to help Juniper better manage its IT services, infrastructure and cloud.

Orange is executing another page from its multiservice strategy playbook by getting into the home telesurveillance business.