Optimum Lightpath brings fiber-based solution to Medical Arts Radiology

Medical Arts Radiology, a Long Island-based medical imaging provider, has recognized Optimum Lightpath's efforts in targeting the medical community with high bandwidth services as it named the company its telecom provider. By switching to Optimum Lightpath, Medical Arts Radiology will replace its TDM-based T1 lines with Optimum Lightpath's fiber-based Ethernet connection.

Medical Arts Radiology says the new Ethernet connection will help it improve response time to patients and doctors. Instead of waiting for faxes or getting film in the mail to conduct case work, every image is now digitized so the company can save money on personnel, time and paper. A 1 Gpbs optical connection and a 20 Mbps connection will enable Medical Arts Radiology specialists to conduct tele-radiology so they can conduct patient scans anytime, from any office, even from a home Internet connection. One of the side benefits of the new connection is that associated doctors could offer consults and second opinions to other hospitals around the country.

"In our experience, you cannot perform modern radiology with a T1 line. You have to have fiber and that's why we chose Optimum Lightpath," said Dr. Pradeep Albert, CIO of Medical Arts Radiology in a release.

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