Orange bundles free broadband in UK

Battling back against poor customer service reports, Orange has released new deals for customers that take advantage of upgrades to its network. 

New Orange Mobile customers will be offered a "free" 8 Mbps broadband connection, free wireless router and a 10GB monthly usage allowance on an 18 month contract.  Any user who just wants broadband can get an 8 Mbps connection with a 10GB data cap on an 18 month contract for around 10 pounds a month with no connection fee. Other deals are available with no download limits (but with a fair usage policy clause).

In the past, Orange has been beaten up for inefficient spam filtering and poor customer satisfaction. Customer service upgrades include quicker call answering and "empowered" employees to deal with problems more effectively.

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-  Web User reports on new Orange UK broadband deals. Post.

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