Orange Business offers up VPN-based cloud service

With its VPN Galerie service, Orange Business wants to take the guesswork for enterprises that want to tap into multiple cloud service sources. Instead of having to make an individual connection to each cloud service they need, Orange Business' VPN Galerie will instead enable large multinational corporations (MNCs) to access multiple cloud services from one common point.

Marc Blanchet, Senior Vice President of Global Communications Services, Orange Business services said that if an enterprise customer has "20 services, they won't have to build 20 connections."  

Customers that sign up for VPN Galerie will be able to leverage a private network connection to access cloud services.

Among the many cloud providers that are providing their services through Orange are e-commerce provider Ingenico, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and S.W.I.F.T., a provider of financial software services.

Orange has been able to extend Microsoft's Software as a Service (SaaS) e-mail offering, for example, to clients that don't want the hassle of installing software on individual PCs at their respective locations.

"Microsoft has a data center in Seattle, on the East Coast and in Dublin, Ireland and Amsterdam," Dennis Kruse, Vice President, Network Solutions, Orange Business Services in an interview with FierceTelecom. "What we have been doing for some clients that want to use that data center is we're making the interconnection between our Dublin POP in Ireland out to that data center. We just extend their IP/VPN out to that data center and make that data center look like another branch office on their network."

The new service, which is already being leveraged by more than 10 MNC customers at over 100 sites, will be officially launched in France this month followed by a broader international pilot deployment in Q1 2011.

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