Orange Business Services teams up with Moogsoft for virtual NOCs

Orange Business Services and Moogsoft are combining their forces on a new virtual network operations center (NOC) to help customers prevent network outages.

The virtual NOC is based on San Francisco, Calif.-based Moogsoft's AIOps platform, which will help Orange's business customers in the Americas operate virtually. The platform will streamline incident management and help prevent network outages, the two companies said in Tuesday's press release.

Orange Business Services will blend the Moogsoft AIOps Platform with its IT transformation and digital and data expertise to deliver its customers a single-pane-of-glass in order to identify, understand and address incidents from across multiple sources, including metrics, alerts, traces and logs.

By applying deep knowledge of its customers’ operational needs, Orange Business Services will be able to help virtualize its customers’ global NOCs using Moogsoft's algorithms and collaboration tools, all of which will lead to a better user experience.

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The combined platform also comes in handy as organizations of all sizes move to "work from anywhere" environments due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to millions of employees now working remotely, the pandemic has also accelerated business' digital transformations plans.

“The pandemic has driven a near-complete reliance on digital services to keep enterprises thriving, at the same time disrupting the ways in which IT operations teams work together to maintain these services and build new ones,” said Rob Willcock, president of the Americas, Orange Business Services, in a statement." The Moogsoft AIOps Platform’s unique virtual NOC gives our customers advanced collaboration capabilities to allow their remote IT workforce to address situations quickly, ensure business continuity and optimize operational efficiency.”