Orange invests in French DevOps startup Cycloid

Orange Digital Ventures, Orange's early-stage investment fund, announced today that it has invested $3.4 million in French DevOps startup Cycloid.

Founded four years ago, Cycloid covers the entire DevOps gamut—from coding to production—to help companies make the transition to the cloud. Cycloid's platform "industrializes" the DevOps approach between developers and administrators, while accommodating each person’s skills. Cycloid also plans to launch a new “infrastructure as a code” generation engine.

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Cycloid's platform includes a service catalog, embedded CI/CD with Concourse, Ansible, Pacer, Kubernetes, Terraform, centralized monitoring, log, events and security system, applications monitoring and financial tracking. Cycloid's platform is available as a public SaaS and in on-premise and dedicated SaaS environments.

Cycloid will use the funding from Orange to further develop its network of indirect partners for the distribution of its solutions in France and Europe. In line with its partnership with Amazon Web Services, Cycloid will deploy new technology partnerships to guarantee complete interoperability with the environments and tools that are already in use by customers.

“We are proud to support a future French leader in a fast-growing industry," said Marc Rennard, chairman of Orange Digital Ventures, in a prepared statement. "Thanks to its network of partners, Cycloid has a unique ability to respond to the challenges of small companies seeking greater agility, as well as major companies undergoing complete transformation.”