Orange UK turns its IPTV channel back on

Orange UK's on-again, off-again IPTV plans may finally get off the ground this time. Originally set to be launched in late 2007, it appears Orange UK will pull the IPTV trigger, but according to a report in The Times, a service launch is not imminent.

After finalizing its merger with T-Mobile's UK subsidiary in March, the mobile service provider decided to outsource its wireline network operations to BT in April. By leveraging BT's 21CN network, Orange UK will be able to expand its IPTV coverage throughout the UK with a quad-play service bundle (landline voice, wireless, IPTV and data) to compete with not only cable giant Virgin Media, but also BT and BSkyB.

Currently, Virgin is the only service provider that offers a full quad play offering with mobile, fixed-line, broadband and TV services. However, if Orange UK and Talk Talk--which wants to establish a larger presence in the TV market with its Tiscali assets--come in, Virgin will face a much more competitive quad play market.   

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